Personal/Life Report

The personal report is a must when you are ready to discover your true purpose in the world and provides the following in depth overview: 

The personal report reveals the intelligent design of your life, including the events and accidents that make your life unique. 

The personal report identifies and addresses the concrete realities of your life, describing the condition of your life through an accurate and detailed delineation of the 12 houses, or areas that make up your life. 

The personal report divides your life into three thirds and gives accurate and detailed information for the first third, second third, and last third of life on all of the 12 areas of life. 

The personal report includes a separate and comprehensive analysis and future predictions around: 

Ø     The four Pillars of Life - the very structures of your physical world that keep you alive and well in a physical existence

Ø     Character and Abilities - the skill, wit and charm of your developed personality.

Ø     Rank of Fame and Profession - how recognized will you be in the world?

Ø     Marriage - will you marry and how many times?

Ø     Home Life - where do you come from and how will you live your life privately?

Ø     The twelve houses - the enfoldment of your life through the twelve lenses of life.

Ø     Finance - how much money will you have in a lifetime and when will you make your money, if ever?

Ø     Children - how many children will you have and when?

Ø     Education & Spiritual Life - What is my mission on earth and will I succeed spiritually in this world

Ø     Friends - How do they influence my life?

Ø     Prediction - What's to come and when?


Recommendations are given of what to do and how to cope under the circumstances that you currently find yourself in.


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